Our Facility

Wharton-pro’s factory is equipped with a serial of facility, including tooling, plastic molding & printing machines, assembly production lines, chemical production line, laboratory, and 10,000 grade dust-free workshop, flexible and efficient manufacturing system. We are able to serve customer according to their request on urgent or small orders, we aim at not only meeting international quality standards, but also delivering product excellence with consistently high reliability on time. We have Shenzhen factory and Fuzhou manufacturing factory, Shenzhen factory locates 60 minutes’ distance from the Hong Kong and 30 minutes’ distance from headquarter, and Fuzhou factory covered 10,800 square meters. The core equipments are imported from the United States, Europe, and Asia, and we’ve properly trained our employees to achieve higher productivity and utilization of physical space. 

Assembly/Chemical Line

We have perfect production line and We meet the most demanding processes and production scheduling. Risuntech passed the worldwide quality management and quality assurance standards ISO9001:2008, and also the Medical device – Quality management system – requirements for regulatory ISO13485.

Plastic Molding

Wharton-pro have about 35 people (10 of them are rich experienced plastic mold building experts) and with advanced equipment (CNC, EDM, wire cutting machine, engraving machine, lathes, grinders, radical drills, printing machines…) for precise plastic mold making. As you know, the precision and stability of our plastic molds would take a critical impact on our products and customer’s operation. Therefore, we strive to improve our capability, to deliver safe, effective, and timely plastic mold products which can satisfy our customers’ request on the quality & delivery.


Our lead times for production molds range from 5 to 12 weeks, with rapid molds built in less than 2 weeks. By using mold flow CAE automation, CAD/CAM automated machining and automated CMM for SPC(Statistical Process Control): we can guarantee precision tooling and process capabilities meeting high tolerance and strict quality control compliance.